Generative Destiny

"Shawn and I founded AMV because we believed we could provide an important service to the business community: designing strategic marketing plans and efficiently delivering the units of work necessary to fulfill those plans."

Wow. I wrote that exactly 10 years ago, and even back then I felt in my gut like we were right. 1,000+ #1 SEO rankings caused for customers and a couple of good years exploring Earth later, and HERE. WE. ARE!

Attention Business Leaders: If you're not leveraging an agentic workforce to create the "NEW NECESSARY" content value and positioning, you're missing out on the most powerful tool of our time. Imagine real-time, proprietary data streaming in minutes, handled by a team of AIs, ready to be packaged and continually improved.

We are building the future—today. It's not just about SEO rankings anymore. While we still achieve those #1 spots, they're merely a part of the journey, not the destination. We create evergreen web destinations, appreciated by your industry, with research and outreach meticulously lined up by our AI agents. It's an unparalleled, expensive process compared to Chat-GPT, but profoundly cheap when considering the fate of your market position.

Businesses once thought immortal are being reshaped today. We've engineered AI with AI, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We haven't solved everything, but our commitment is unwavering. Show us you're serious, and we'll roll out the red carpet for you—no charge. Got a budget? We'll get you covered tomorrow. My word stands: we'll fight for you until my last breath. Strange letter for a minimalist homepage? These are strange times.

Show me what's possible. (We're running a tight team these days and my calendar is not openly linked to - I suggest reaching out to me directly on X if you're feeling the urgency and want me involved in your pilot. Cheers!)

Zeal Caiden

Zeal Caiden